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35 fresh screenshots of Classic

by Derek Kessler Fri, 22 May 2009 12:17 pm EDT

Pocket Tunes running in Classic The primary question surrounding the development of Classic - the Palm OS emulator for upcoming webOS devices - has always been, “But will it run X?”, X being your favorite must-have won’t-upgrade-without-it Palm OS application. While we’ve heard a lot about how well Classic runs, we haven’t heard a whole lot about what it will run. The makers of Classic, Motion Apps, have chimed in with an expanded screenshot gallery on their website that covers the following applications (a handful of which we’ve seen already):

4Cast, Agendus, AgExpert, Astraware Sodoku, Astraware Solitaire, Bejeweled 2, Date Wheel, DateBk, Diet, eReader, Facebook, Google Maps, GTS Racing, Handy Shopper, iSilo, Kinoma Player, OnTime RX, Oxford Dictionary, PalmaryClock Wireless, Pocket Quicken, Pocket Tunes, Resco Backup, Resco Explorer, Sales Trakker, Splash ID, Splash Money, Splash Photo, Splash Shopper, TB Tx, Tide Tool, TouchLauncher, Trip Boss, Warfare Inc, Weather, and Zuma

Also, a reminder: PreCentral is giving away ten copies of Classic - all you have to do to be entered is head over to this thread and tell us what your favorite Palm OS application!

Thanks to Darth Pooh, mahootzki and everybody else who sent this in!