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by webos catalog Sun, 17 Apr 2011 10:57 pm EDT
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This app provides a full-featured scientific calculator which uses the advantages of the touchscreen. It's optimized for the small Veer/Pixi resolution (but runs an all webOS phones) and has lots of additional functions that make calculations easier & faster. It has the same features as '3lineProCalculator':
The multiline editfield is designed to 'tap' in the calculation according to the usual algebraic notation. Simply tap the [=]-button to get the result.
The formula may be saved as a shortcut & is cached in the 'history'. There is direct access to these shortcuts via the 'Sto/Rcl'-button. The result is also stored and could be transfered into the editfield or one of 6 memory-entries for further calculations.
4veerCalc provides several features via the app-menu:
- Edit... - Enables the import and export of formulas or numbers via a display-tap.
- Shortscuts/f(x)... - Sets the functions reachable to [Const./f(x)] (scientific mode), [Num.Conv] (numeric conversions), [usef.Conv] (useful conversions) or [user defnd.] (user defined). There is also a direct access to a website with further conversions.
- History... - Shows the history entries or create an email/sms with them. There is also an option to delete all user data including the history.
- Options... - Provides some options concerning the user interface (autoAC, AC-lock, education mode etc.
- Themes... - Sets the design of the app.

Functions of several buttons:
[Round:..] Sets the digits displayed after the point.
[Const./f(x)] Provides a set of useful math. functions and constants. This set may be changed to [Num.Conv] (numeric conversions), [usef.Conv] (useful Conversions) or [user defnd.] (user defined) by the menu-option 'shortcuts'.
[Sto/Rcl] (Store/Recall) Saves the number displayed in one of 6 memory entries / Puts the desired entry into the editfield.
[up/dn] Moves one step back or 'forward' in the editfield-history.
[(,),^..] gives access to often used math. operators '(', ')', '^' etc.

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