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$50 HP TouchPad Mail-In rebate now available for early adopters

by Tim Stiffler-Dean Fri, 01 Jul 2011 2:51 pm EDT

When we first told your about HP's plan to give all early adopters of webOS devices a $50 discount to new 32GB HP TouchPad owners, we were still unsure how anyone would be able to cash in on the deal. Thanks to the careful sleuthing of PreCentral Forum member iamjonvon, we've found that HP launched a simple page in their Rebate Center (called "Touch Inspiration") with the details on how you can get your $50 back.

Between now and July 31st of this year, any previous owners of webOS smartphones from the original Sprint Palm Pre, Palm Pixi and the Plus sizes for both of those, will have the ability to send in a rebate coupon and receive a check from HP for $50 in the mail (within 8-10 weeks). If you've been holding off on going out to get your TouchPad for this rebate to come through official channels, you don't have to wait any longer. Just purchase a 32GB HP TouchPad at retailers both online and off, and then download the coupon to send it in with details of both your new TouchPad and your original webOS smartphone.

There is one other limitation you should be aware of: the rebate is limited to one pairing of devices at a time. Which is to say, you'll only get $50 back from one TouchPad paired with one smartphone, though you are welcome to get more for multiple purchases (4 smartphones would mean 4 different TouchPad discounts not to be used on the same device).

Head to the link below and grab the rebate coupon for yourself, and then get to those stores!