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$50 worth of webOS apps for you to spend your early-adopter credit on

by Tim Stiffler-Dean Tue, 09 Aug 2011 11:27 am EDT

While HP continues to roll out the $50 app catalog credit to TouchPad early-adopters over the next several days, some of you are eager to spend that cash as soon as you get it. With plenty of apps in the catalog to go around, we wanted to give you a hand with choosing the best apps to get the most out of this promotional offer, and have created this list of 12 apps to spend your $50 credit on. If you aren't one of the lucky ones to get the $50 app credit from HP (you got some hefty device discounts instead), or live outside of the US where the promo code is being delivered, this list is still a good one to look through and find the best apps that money can buy.

Skip on over the break to see which ones we've picked, and then hit the comments for even more suggestions from our community. As we've asked before, which apps are you going to buy next?

1. Preware Homebrew Documentation - $0.99

Because we love homebrew and supporting the developers behind it, we put Preware Homebrew Documentation (by WebOS Internals) first to make sure it's at the top of your list as well. For $0.99 you not only get good documentation on how to get into the homebrew community as a user, but you also get to directly support some of the best developers that any mobile platform can have.

2. SecuStore 2 - $14.99

$14.99 might be a steep price to pay for most other apps, but when it comes to keeping passwords, data, notes and other information secure behind a 256-bit encrypted wall called SecuStore 2 (by MakleSoft), $14.99 is worth it (and even more so when it's free from HP). If you aren't convinced that you need this app, read our review first to see a full rundown of all of the features, and then hit that link above to make the purchase.

3. Glimpse - $5

Glimpse is one of those apps that you get because the concept sounds really cool, and you keep because it is really cool. As another app built by Inglorious Apps, Glimpse allows for up to three panels to be addigned a task or app; like a calculator, task list, feed reader, twitter client or weather dashboard, to name a few. It's the ultimate multi-tasking experience on the TouchPad, and after you read our review of it you should download it from the catalog and see for yourself.

4. Weather Dashboard for TouchPad - $0.99

Derek gave this app stellar reviews in the most recent PalmCast episode, and once the rest of us downloaded it on his recommendation, we found the approval to be unanimous. Using webOS 3.0 notifications as the setting for the apps entire purpose, Weather Dashboard for TouchPad access to the weather news for today, tomorrow and right now without having to switch or launch another application. 

5. Galcon Fusion - $2.99

The first game on our list, Galcon Fusion by Hassey Enterprises, Inc., has been a favorite of this team for quite a long time. Travel around the Galaxy and conquer enemies in this unique online multiplayer game. Fast-paced, cross-platform and beautifully designed, Galcon Fusion will remain at the top of our list of great webOS games for a long time to come.

6. Advanced Browser - $1.99

Another app by MakleSoft, the developers of SecuStore 2 up above, is Advanced Browser. It's the first browser alternative to the stock Web app on the TouchPad, and brings a few really great features to the browsing experience. Tabbed browsing, auto-fill fields, cool bookmarks viewer and an inline search feature are just a few of the features to name. Grab it from the app catalog for $1.99.

7. Tea Reader - $1.99

It may not have every feature that we could design in a Google Reader client, by Tea Reader is still one of the best ones available right now, and a favorite amongst RSS fans. It has a clean design, integrates with other apps like Paper Mache, syncs well with Google Reader and is an overall pleasant app to use for daily feed-reading. 

8. Gemini File Manager - $2.99

In its current undisputed spot (until Internalz HD is updated), Gemini File Manager by OMAStudios is a great TouchPad native app that gets you quick and easy access to some of the available folders hidden beneath the webOS UI so that you can manage those folders and files like you would on a desktop computer. Check out our review of Gemini File Manager here and then download the app from the catalog for $2.99 - you can thank us later for pointing you in that direction.

9. Market Pulse HD - $3.99

"Real-time quotes, full-screen charts, customized news and much more!" At least, that's what the app description for Market Pulse HD says, and that's what we agree with. This app by More Solutions was one of the first ones released for the HP TouchPad, and it shines with the others listed here because of the usefulness of what it does, and the style by which it does it. You can read our review here first or just head to the catalog to download it now; the choice is yours.

10. ComicShelf HD - $1.99

Another app developed originally for the homebrew community by a well known homebrew developer, ComicShelf HD by Jason Robitaille is on our list because it does something that very few apps can currently do: give us our comic book fix. Once you install the app you'll be able to load up pre-bought comic books (in CBR or CBZ format) to view on your device at any time. For comic book fans and collectors, this app is a must.

11. Crosswords - $9.99

While it may not be for everyone, we know how many of you Crosswords fans are out there, and this app is definitely one that you should get. With Crosswords you get instant access to hundreds of Crossword puzzles as they appear from newspapers online, with new ones added every day.

12. Big Boss - $1.49

And finally, to tie off the whole list with another bit of fun, we have a game that turns the tables on every epic "hero" story that we've been told throughout our lives. Big Boss is a story about a giant monster (the "final boss", if you will) that terrorizes a vast kingdom. But instead of trying to kill the monster, you play as him! Fight brave knights, dodge cannon shots, swat at quick ninjas and eat your way to freedom in this epicly fun journey by Fair Play Labs.