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After careful consideration of the dozens of submitted entries for the PreCentral 500,000 CEOs contest, we’re ready to move on to the next step. We’ve picked out the five finalists (they’re after the break) and we want you to help us pick the winner. That winner will receive, along with fame, notoriety, and all the adoration of the masses, a 32GB TouchPad, bluetooth keyboard, and TouchPad case. Plus they’ll be anointed the unofficial “What you should do with webOS” messenger to HP and HP CEO Meg Whitman. Thanks to everybody that submitted - we received a lot of great entries, but sadly we can't give you all a TouchPad.

First, a little big about how we picked our finalists: we looked for awesomeness. Some of the videos are fun, others cute, some go really in depth. By and large, they made us feel good, and we think they'll do the same for you. There's a lot to be said for this community - 500,000 members and we're still not backing down in the face of everything that's been thrown our way. You're awesome.

Let’s get to it. After the break you’ll find the five finalists and a poll to log your vote. Voting will be open through midnight EDT on Sunday, October 16th. Also, we’ve included Twitter links with each of the finalists so you can share your favorites with the world (and HP).

The Finalists


Rennat: From the WebOS Community

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Joseph Dowdy: "More Touchpads, please." Angelina, Age 4

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Christopher Thomas: A Proposal

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ZwergHoldrio and Shoe: A world without webOS devices

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Brian Hutchison: Letter to HP

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The Vote

Honorable Mentions:

David Rhyne: It's a webOS Life

(click for full image)


Don Levy: Back to the Future



DeAnte Hancock: WebOS Future!


Simon McDougall: An Address to HP


@nawadley: HP Start The Fire

Thanks again to all entrants, and good luck to the finalists!