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by Dieter Bohn Thu, 16 Dec 2010 6:59 pm EST
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* Use this app for converting one unit to another unit.
* This application is suitable for those who dealing with electronic.
* This application is providing the user friendly interface, So that you can make the conversions quick & easy.
* You can convert anything to anything quickly while anywhere.
* This app will support more than 600 conversions.
* This app will provide you to do quickly and easy translate different units of measure.
* This application supports the following categories of conversions.
o Current
o Charge
o Distance and Length
o Electric Conductance
o Electric Conductivity
o Electric Field Strength
o Electric Potential
o Electric Resistance
o Electric Resistivity
o Electrostatic Capacitance
o Energy and work
o Force
o Frequency and Wavelength
o Inductance
o Linear Charge Density
o Linear Current Density
o Power
o Prefix
o Surface Charge Density
o Surface Current Density
o Temperature
o Time
o Torque
o Volume Charge Density
o Weight and Mass

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