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$99 TouchPad to return - as a refub

by Derek Kessler Wed, 07 Dec 2011 5:50 pm EST

You've been waiting ever since HP announced the final run of TouchPad tablets for this very day. The crazy cheap fire sale TouchPad has returned, with the 16GB TouchPad going for $99 and the 32GB at $149. There's just one catch: they're refurbished, not brand-new, product.

Refurbished isn't necessarily a bad thing (unless your name happens to be Sprint Palm Pre), and even for a refurb these are still insane prices. In strange fashion, the refurbished TouchPads will only be available via HP's eBay store, and there you can only pay with PayPal. You'll also be limited to two TouchPads per account. The sale goes live at 7PM on Sunday, December 11th, and we won't be surprised if the stock doesn't last until Monday.

Source: Slickdeal.net