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If you’re in the market for an HP TouchPad, here’s hoping you’re an HP employee, because that’s the only way you’re going to get first dibs on what’s sure to be a limited supply of the fire sale tablet. In a letter sent out to what remains of the HP webOS Global Business Unit, SVP Stephen DeWitt announced that September 28th would mark the return of the TouchPad to HP’s employee purchase program. Pricing will be set at the same rate as that of the fire sales from this summer: $99.99 for the 16GB TouchPad, or $149.99 for 32GB. As with several other TouchPad fire sale outlets, HP’s limiting their employees to only purchasing one TouchPad apiece.

If we had to guess, we wouldn’t say that these are the expected “final run” TouchPads that HP announced, as we don’t expect those to star production until early next month (though maybe things have kicked off already) and hit the market until late next month.