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AT&T hosting webOS 3.0 development webcast May 12th

by Riz Parvez Tue, 12 Apr 2011 10:54 am EDT

Are you a beginning developer looking to get your feet wet with webOS 3.0, or an intermediate-level developer looking to up your game or expand your audience? Palm and AT&T have got you covered. On Thursday May 12th from 10am to 11am, Josh Marinacci from Palm’s Developer Relations team will be appearing via webcast as part of the AT&T Developer Program to discuss the developer features of HP webOS 3.0. This event is targeted at beginning developers and those of intermediate knowledge. They also note those looking to port existing applications will the webcast beneficial.

As we get down the final weeks before the next generation of webOS hardware hits stores, it’s great to see carrier-supported events looking to increase the developer community for our favorite mobile OS. Registration is required for this webcast, but it appears this particular event isn't quite ready for your checkbox-clicking just yet.

Oh, and we can't help but notice that this is AT&T hosting the event, which makus us smile because they're the main carrier who seems to care about supporting webOS developers lately (primarily through these seminars). Also, yeah, webOS 3.0 is going to be coming to the TouchPad first and while it's not crazy to think that AT&T merely wants to stock the WiFi-only version, it's also not crazy to think that HP's quietly "announced"-via-the-spec-page 3G version could be coming too.