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AT&T increases ETF for smartphones and netbooks

by Robert Werlinger Sat, 22 May 2010 11:36 am EDT

Engadget is reporting that AT&T has raised its early termination fees on "more advanced, higher end devices" for new customers, as spelled out in an open letter the company drafted.   The ETF has shot up to $325 when a new two-year contract is created around one of those highly-subsidized smartphones or notebooks folks never want to pay full price for, and gradually decreases by $10 for each month that customer stays with the company.  This move comes not too long after Verizon Wireless enacted a similar ETF hike to the tidy sum of $350. Sprint still offers its customers the best deal of the big 3, allowing them to upgrade every 12 months once they reach "premier" status and holding an ETF over them of only $200.

Does this news affect the decision making process of those of you who are looking to pick up a Pre Plus or a Pixi Plus on AT&T?  Or, since its starting to become standard business practice, will it be business as usual for you?

Thanks to Krod for the tip!