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AT&T offers acquired Alltel customers a free Pre Plus

by Derek Kessler Thu, 11 Nov 2010 1:24 pm EST

AT&T Pre Plus Now, you might be thinking, huh, it was Verizon that purchased Alltel, and Alltel was a CDMA network... Well, a little reported part of the Verizon purchase was that the FCC required Verizon to divest (give up) 105 of the markets it acquired from Alltel in order to maintain a level playing field. AT&T picked up 79 of those markets. Yes, you’re thinking CDMA and GSM are like oil and water, and you’re correct.

So AT&T is in the process of transitioning their acquired Alltel customers to their GSM network, and that means they’re going to need new phones. So AT&T is offering them a deal: get one of our phones for cheap (or free) before we shut off your service. The deals by-and-large aren’t much better than what you can get as an AT&T customer, but it’s at least nice to see the Palm Pre Plus touted as available for pickup - and for free at that. One benefit: switchers will be allowed to drop their new AT&T contract after thirty days without facing an ETF.

Source: Engadget Mobile