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AT&T Pre Plus drops to $99.99 online with activation

by Dieter Bohn Tue, 27 Jul 2010 11:07 am EDT

  $99 Palm Pre Plus on AT&T

The Palm Pre continues to become more and more reasonably priced. Reader Chris sends work that AT&T's online store now has the Pre Plus available for $99.99 after instant discounts and the like. That's the good news. The bad, as you can see above, is that they're temporarily out of stock.  Given all the news about overstock over on the CDMA side of things, seeing the Pre Plus out of stock on AT&T feels a little discordant -- but we're not thinking it portends anything other than a temporary shortage at AT&T's warehouse.

The Pixi Plus is still clocking in at $29.99 on AT&T, if you were wondering.

Update:  after noting the comments about Sprint's pricing, we figured we'd compare the prices on the three US carriers. All of the below with 2-year contracts:

  • AT&T Online: Pre Plus: $99.99; Pixi Plus: $29.99
  • Verizon Online: Pre Plus: $49.99; Pixi Plus: Free. Both come with free Mobile Hotspot
  • Sprint Online: Pre $149.99; Pixi $49.99

In other words, Sprint really needs to update with the times here while, in our humble opinion, Verizon's combined low prices and free mobile hotspot might be the best deal - granting that you're paying more for data over the life of your contract.

Source: AT&T Wireless; thanks, Chris!