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AT&T Pre Plus for free from Wirefly

by Adam Carr Thu, 20 May 2010 10:07 am EDT

Hold on to your seat folks, because if Amazon's deal wasn't good enough for you, then this one sure will. Credit goes to RMB, who posted in the forums that the Pre Plus can be had for free here on AT&T From Wirefly, less then a day after officially launching for $149.95 with a bundled touchstone charging dock. The Deal from Wirefly does seems to be location specific so if you are contemplating on getting a Pre Plus on AT&T, then this seems to a good time as any to do it, just be sure to enter your Zip code beforehand to see if you are eligible for the offer. All in all, a very good deal, which should hopefully lead to more sales, and more webOS devices is always a good thing, right?

                                                                            Thanks to RMB in the forums!