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An anonymous tipster has sent in screenshots and impressions from the upcoming AT&T Palm Pre Plus. We still don't have a firm release date for the device, but we're expecting it sooner rather than later (EverythingPre suggests May 14th might be the day, we have also heard the 16th recently as well.)

Our tipster's main impression: it's fast. The device is running webOS 1.4.2, which could account for some speed improvement. While it's likely that part of the speed improvement is due to there not being much on the device, our source says that it definitely seems faster than even the Verizon Palm Pre Plus. Also better: the keyboard, we're told the keys are super responsive. Build quality also seems better, with the slider feeling much smoother than the original Pre. We're definitely eager to see if both impressions pan out on a production device after a couple of months of use.

YPMobile also gets kudos for being preloaded - it's an app we're fairly fond of ourselves. There's not much more to say except we'd love to see it released soon. Oh, and that the above default wallpaper is completely gorgeous. Check out a handful of screenshots after the break.

Thanks, Anonymous!

Update: Ask and ye shall receive: the hot hot fern wallpaper.