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An AT&T webOS Doctor has found its way out to the public for the few Pre3 owners out there. This is not your typical webOS Doctor for putting your Pre3 back to the same condition it was at when you acquired your fancy device, though. If you have a Pre3 on any network, you likely know that the device is running webOS 2.2.0. After using this latest released webOS doctor, you'll be sporting webOS version 2.2.3; a more up-to-date build than any that we've seen so far.

We've only had time to download the .jar file and doctor a Pre3 that we've got on hand, but everything is running well enough. No idea yet what the ".3" means at the end of the version number, since this was not publicly announced in any way and did not come over the air, but we'll be sure to let you know what we find, as soon as we find it. What we can say is this: if the new version of webOS is any sign, it looks like we might see an OTA update for other Pre3 owners sometime in the near future. Will it fix the annoying TMC error that's been showing up? We aren't sure, but keep your eyes open.

Update: The OTA update has landed for the AT&T Pre3. Grab it now from the System Updates app on your device. We still don't know what's changed in this update, except maybe some bug fixes, but we'll keep you in the know if anything comes up.