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Looking for a cellular-enabled HP TouchPad but don’t know where to look? We’re going to suggest the FCC’s certification labs, because it seems that they got enough hands-on time with the more-mobile-than-yours webOS tablet to give it the a-okay stamp of not brain boiling. There’s not much more to glean from the certification, except to say that the AT&T TouchPad 4G is on its way, and is now closer than ever.

UPDATE: The chaps over at webOSroundup dug into the FCC documents and noticed some interesting things. Firstly the FCC application lists the model as "Opal," which we've seen leaked in the past as a 7-inch webOS tablet. Additionally, the set of four labels in the documents give the name of TouchPad Go, a brand name we saw HP file for back in mid-June. These same labels list familiar specs: 32GB of storage and a 1.5GHz processor.

There are two conclusions we can draw from this: 1) This FCC filing was for an unannounced 7-inch webOS tablet named the TouchPad Go, or 2) the TouchPad Go is an internal or marketing name for the cellular TouchPad, and the Opal name was not correct when leaked. We're not entirely sure, and looking at the drawings provided in the filing, we're really conflicted. It could be that they're generalized, or components were moved around for the cellular TouchPad, or it could be that this really is a smaller TouchPad. It's hard to say.