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AT&T Veer webOS Doctor released for your device resuscitating needs

by Derek Kessler Mon, 16 May 2011 10:25 am EDT

Palm has always been very supportive of end-user self-help, and it’s nice to see them continuing the tradition as part of HP. To wit, they’ve released the webOS Doctor for the AT&T Veer, less than a day after the device hit the market. If you’re not familiar with the doctor, here’s a what it does: the webOS Doctor forcibly reinstalls an uncorrupted copy of webOS on a device. It’s a cross-platform desktop Java app that has resuscitate many a phone, though we’re hoping it won’t be needed too often by Veer owners (the Doctor wipes the device, though files in the USB partition generally survive).

And being the crazy code heads that they are, WebOS Internals immediately started diving deep into the Doctor. Why? Well, because the Doctor contains a full and complete copy of webOS 2.1.2 that’s installed on the Veer. They’ve already whipped up Meta-Doctor support, and discovered some interesting bits as well – for example the Veer runs version 2.6.29 of the Linux kernel, as opposed to the older 2.6.24 that all preceding webOS devices run. What exactly that means, we don’t know, but generally such a small point update is for bug fixes, which means added stability, which is a good thing considering how hard it is to do a battery pull on the Veer.

As a word of warning, the webOS Doctor is the nuclear solution to webOS problems. It will wipe out all the apps, patches, and settings on your device and set it back to mint condition (excluding the stack of files in your USB partition). It’s a last-ditch option for your webOS troubles, but one that’s highly effective at reviving even the most dead webOS devices.