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AT&T Vs Pre: Internal Document Smackdown. Oh No You Didn't!

by Dieter Bohn Wed, 22 Apr 2009 10:04 am EDT

Want more evidence that the Pre release is imminent?  How about AT&T sending a document around their internal network for employees to bone-up on some anti-Pre, pro-iPhone talking points ...and then holding some in-store seminars for employees to make sure they get the message? 

There are a few points here that are indisputable, but fans of the Pre might take umbrage at a few of the things here about the Pre (click the image above for the full size):

  • The Palm Pre "Touchscreen control gestures not intuitive" whereas the iPhone features "Patented Multi-Touch screen" and "Fast and responsive navigation."  Hokay.
  • The iPhone sports a  "Thinner, lighter, bigger screen, metal and glass design" while the Pre is "Available in Black only; plastic casing." 
  • The Pre gets knocked for not being a GSM world phone and "Limited free Wi-Fi access" because they don't get to use AT&T Hotpots.
  • The Pre has an "Unproven App Catalog app store."

Ok, so we'll leave it as an exercise to our readers to debunk and take issue with any and all of the above (well, here's a start: the weight difference between the iPhone and the Pre: two grams.  OH NOES!).

If this feels familiar to anybody, it should.  Same thing happened in the months running up to the launch of the BlackBerry Storm, which caused a small flurry of Duelin' Documents between AT&T and RIM.  Don't take this lying down, Palm (but don't hurt your relationship with AT&T either, we're eager to see the Pre on AT&T ASAP).

Thanks anonymous tipster!!