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Accessing a roll-over dropdown menu in the browser

by Adam Marks Wed, 29 Sep 2010 12:14 pm EDT

Web DropDown menu option Many websites (including the full website) are not built with a mobile browser in mind, often using dropdown menus that are only accessible by rolling your mouse cursor over a certain area of the screen. Since the mobile web browser doesn't have a mouse, you need another way to access these menus. Luckily, the browser does allow for a press-and-hold method to bring down these menus. Unfortunately, when you lift your finger from the screen after the dropdown menu appears, the browser then registers that as a tap and loads up any link that was tied to that dropdown menu (for example, the "articles" link in the attached screenshot). There are 2 simple ways to combat this behavior:

  1. Instead of a press-and-hold, double-tap on the screen to access the menu. This may result in an odd zoom-in due to the double tap, but just pinch-to-zoom out and you will be able to access the drop-down menu as needed
  2. Still use the press-and-hold method to bring down the menu, but then just drag your finger slightly in any direction across the screen. This movement will tell the browser not to load up the link from the initial tap, allowing you to then select whatever option you need from the dropdown menu.

Thanks to emusician in the forums for this tip

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