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Activate new GSM Pre 2 with Impostah to get Global Paid App Catalog Access

by Tim Stiffler-Dean Mon, 25 Apr 2011 2:58 pm EDT

Rod Whitby of the WebOS Internals team has been working diligently for several weeks now with a way to get full paid app catalog access for webOS 2.0 device owners in restricted regions (like outside of the US, UK, Canada, France and Germany). If you've had to resort to missing out on cool new apps, or even *gasp* pirating that software, the latest update of Impostah will give you the necessary steps we've been looking for to get around that wall. 

If you have recently purchased a new Unlocked GSM device that has never had a Palm Profile associated with it in the past, you can download Impostah from Preware and follow the 14 very simple steps outlined in the forums to get your device activated through U.S. servers, thus giving you access to the full U.S. Paid App Catalog.

Before you get started, you'll need to have a Credit Card from an unrestricted region (which you can get online), access to a stable WiFi network, and the ability to install Preware and Impostah on your device from a computer. But you don't need to have much knowledge outside of being able to follow the instructions Rod has given. Once you're finished, though, you'll be able to buy as many apps as you could ever want (but only after you've donated to WebOS Internals for their hard work).

For those of you living in those restricted regions that have already activated your devices (and locked yourself out of the full catalog), this method will sadly not work for you unless you buy a brand new device (straight from HP). This latest version of Impostah has brought some good to you, though, as it now allows you to download any Free application from the catalog. No more creating placeholder apps to get around in the catalog (that was so last week), now you can just download them directly through the catalog with Impostah.

Oh, and we can't forget to mention this small warning before you get started.

Note that this procedure is performed at your own risk. The worst that can happen is that you don't get paid app catalog access. If Palm changes anything on the app catalog servers, this procedure may be invalidated without warning. They have done so before, and could do so again.

The work from WebOS Internals has always been, and will continue to be, completely free for the public use (plus it's open source!), but they do rely on your donations to keep going forward with projects like these. Without this latest update from Impostah and the WebOS Internals team, many webOS users might be stuck with limited app catalog access for quite a while to come. So take a moment and send a donation their way to say thanks for the progress they've made. It not only ensures that their current software will continue to work, but that new projects will be started up in the future as well.