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Add additional TouchPad app launcher tabs (homebrew)

by Adam Marks Wed, 13 Jun 2012 7:15 pm EDT

Additional touchpad launcher pagesAlthough you can rearrange your apps/icons across the launcher tabs on your TouchPad with some simple press-and-hold action, you are locked in to the four pre-defined launcher tabs of Apps, Downloads, Favorites and Settings without the ability to even change those names. If you find yourself wanting to separate your apps among more than just those four pages, there is some simple homebrew magic in Preware that will add two more pages to the Launcher: a Games and Homebrew tab, just before Settings

To install these additional tabs, just open up Preware and do a search for "Add Launcher Tabs" or find it in Available Other - Linux Application - Utilities. Once installed, this will not add an icon to your launcher like most applications, but rather just give you those extra launcher pages. Unfortunately, you still can't rearrange or rename these, but at least you have 2 more tabs available. When you go to rearrage your apps after you install this package, you will also notice when the TouchPad is in portrait mode that the "DONE" button is no longer visible. You can either rotate the TouchPad to landscape mode to press Done, or just tap anywhere on the screen between or to the sides of an icon to exit "edit" mode.

These launcher pages will be saved to your webOS Profile as long as you have your backup turned on. Therefore, even if you webOS Doctor or erase your TouchPad, the pages will be restored correctly. If you want to remove the pages, just open up Preware and uninstall the package and all the icons on those new launcher pages will be reverted to the "DOWNLOADS" tab.

If you want to experiment on your own with adding, rearranging or renaming the launcher tabs, you can check out this WebOS Internals Wiki page with some more information. But proceed at your own risk. In fact, you may want to backup your launcher setting using Save/Restore before tinkering, in case you mess something up and need to revert back to your original launcher pages.

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