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Add formatting to your email text

by Adam Marks Thu, 20 Jan 2011 9:44 pm EST

When composing an email in webOS, you don't need to settle for just plain, boring black text. You are actually able to use bold, underline or italics, and you can change the color of the text. Simply highlight the text you want to format and swipe down from the top-left to bring down the Email application drop-down.  Tap "Edit" and then tap your desired formatting option. Even though it doesn't indicate it, you can even use a Meta-tap B or I (where you hold down the gesture area and press B or I on the keyboard) to access Bold or Italics. Meta-tap U does not underline.

Also, if you just want to set that format for all the writing you are about to do, you don't need to highlight any text. Just set the format and type, but be aware that hitting the enter button () will reset the formatting for the next paragraph.

Thanks to our own Mahootzki for suggesting this tip

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