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Add improved support for .WAV files (Homebrew)

by Adam Marks Tue, 19 Oct 2010 1:17 pm EDT

Welcome to "Homebrew Week" for PreCentral's Tip of the day. We will be focusing on some simple Homebrew apps, patches or hacks that will help you add some key functionality to your phone. No advanced knowledge is necessary, as long as you know how to use webOS Quick Install and Preware.

GSM Wav Codec If you have a voicemail system that emails you a audio copy of your voicemail message, you probably get the message as a WAV or MP3 file. While any MP3 file will play just fine, webOS seems to have limited support for WAV files. Luckily, developer Zsoc from WebOS Internals created an audio plugin to add additional support for WAV files. Simply install the "GSM WAV Codec" plugin from Preware (under: Available Other - Plugins - Audio Plugins) and you will be able to listen to your WAV files all you want!

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