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Add a web bookmark to your launcher

by Adam Marks Thu, 13 Jan 2011 3:28 pm EST

While creating a web bookmark is a convenient way to return to a website that you visit often, you still need to first open up the Web app and then go through a few steps to actually access that bookmark (yes, webOS 2.0 will include bookmarks in a Just Type search, but that still requires a few extra taps). For sites that you visit more often, you may want to consider adding an icon to your launcher so you can open up the browser directly to that website, or even use Universal Search to quickly find that launcher icon, just like any other application. To add a website shortcut to your launcher, follow the exact same steps as creating a web bookmark, but instead of choosing "Add Bookmark" from the Web Application dropdown, choose "Page" then "Add to Launcher". You can even replace your Web icon with one of these linked icons to effectively give you a "home page" for the browser.  Deleting these icons work the same as deleting applications on the launcher, just hold down the Option (Orange/Silver) key and tap the icon.

Note that while web bookmarks are saved to your Palm Profile, icons added to your launcher are not. Luckily, WebOS Internal's Save/Restore homebrew app will back up those icons (as well as your bookmarks, just in case)

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