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Adding applications to Exhibition [webOS 2.1]

by Adam Marks Fri, 08 Apr 2011 9:38 pm EDT

This tip is only for devices running webOS 2.1 and higher

With the release of webOS 2.1, Exhibition mode has now been enabled to replace the standard lock screen when your phone is on the touchstone.  By default, there are only 3 Applications that come preloaded with webOS: Time, Photos and Agenda.  Time is essentially just a replacement for the lock screen, Photos allows you to turn your phone into a digital photo album using photos loaded on your device, and Agenda gives you a quick at-a-glace data for your upcoming appointments.  As developers start to build Exhibition functionality into their apps, you are then able to add those applications as options when in Exhibition mode.  

Once Exhibition-enabled applications are installed on your device, you just need to open up the Exhibition app () from your Launcher and you will be presented with a list of compatible apps.  Simply toggle those apps ON or OFF to allow them to be selectable in Exhibition mode.  The next time Exhibition is activated on your phone, you just need to swipe down from anywhere on the top of the screen to get that listing of apps and tap on the one you want to change to.

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