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Adding/editing a contact

by Adam Marks Fri, 01 Oct 2010 3:16 pm EDT

Adding a new contact or adding to an existing contact is obviously an important function for a smartphone, and webOS gives you a lot of options to do just that.  The following is a long--and probably not complete--list on how you can add a new contact or add to an existing contact.  Continue reading after the break for all the details...


  • Contacts App (new contact): To add a new contact, open up the Contacts App ( Contacts App ), press the Add Contact button ( Add Contact button ) on the bottom-left corner, and then fill out as much information as you have for the contact. Be sure to attach the contact to the correct account (e.g. Palm Profile, Google, etc) by tapping on the icon on the top-right corner of the record and selecting the appropriate contact. When complete, press the "Done" button.
  • Contacts App (add to contact): To add or edit an existing contact, open up the Contacts App and search for the contact you are looking for (alternatively, you can also use Universal Search and bypass that first step). Tap on the contact to open it up, press the "Edit" button, and then add to the contact as necessary. If available, you can select which account you want to add the data to by first selecting the icon on the top-right corner of the record, but if that account is read-only (such as Facebook), then any new information will be added to a new linked contact record that will be created for that person and will be tied to the Default Account (e.g. Palm profile, Google, etc) that is set up in your Contacts preferences.
  • Email / Messaging Apps: When you are reading an email or SMS, you can click on the top header of the screen (that shows the person's contact name or info) to bring up either that person's contact record (if they are in your Contact list), or a screen that will show you that email address/phone number of the person and give you a "Add To Contacts" button. Once you press that button, you can decide if you want to add this to an existing contact or a new contact. If you Save Contact Options select "New", you will be on a page exactly as describe above under "Contacts App (new contact)", and if you select "Existing", you will be able to do a search for the contact to add this information to, and it will then be added to the Default Account that is set up in your Contacts preferences
  • Universal Search: If you just start typing a phone number or email address into Universal Search, you will be given an option to either dial that number/email that address, or you can "Save to Contacts...", which will then bring up the same screen as described in "Email / Messaging Apps" above.
  • Phone Call: While on a call (or shortly after the call ended, before the dialpad appears), the Add Contact from Phone icon on the top of the screen indicates that you can press anywhere on that header line to bring up a screen that will give you the option to add to a new or existing contact, just as is explained in "Email / Messaging Apps" above.
  • Phone Log: If you wanted to add a number to a contact based on a phone number you dialed out or from an incoming call, but missed your chance while you were on the call itself, you can always do it from the phone's Call  Log.  Simply open up the Phone app, press the Call Log button ( Phone Log button ), and then find the number you are interested in. If you press the  Call Log Info icon on the right of the screen for that person, you will be given some additional information/options, including a "Add to Contacts" option. Once you press that, you will then bring up the same screen as described in "Email / Messaging Apps" above.
  • Press-and-hold: You can press-and-hold on any phone number or email address (as described in this tip), and if the number/email is not in your contact list, you will be provided with an option to "Add to Contacts…".  This will then give you the option to add to a new or existing contact, just as is explained in "Email / Messaging Apps" above.
  • Homebrew Options: There are also some homebrew options that are available to initiate a new contact. One example is the app dg Quick Cuts, which will allow you to add a "New Contact" directly on your launcher to load up a black contact (essentially bypassing the first few steps described in "Contacts App (new contact)" above.

These are just some of the ways to manually add/edit contacts to your Contact List. Do you have any other good methods to do this?

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