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If you have any phone numbers that require you to type in PIN numbers (e.g. for voicemail or a conference calls) or phone extensions, you should consider adding pauses to the number. There are 2 types of pauses you can enter:

  • Timed Pause: waits a few seconds before dialing the next set of numbers
  • Hard Pause: waits for the user to indicate when to continue dialing the next set of num Dial 234-555-6789p12345t987 bers

To add these to a number, just type a "t" for a timed pause or a "p" for a hard pause. When trying to dial directly from the phone app, you will not be able to dial a "t" from the physical keyboard since the "t" shares a key with the number 3. Instead, you can press-and-hold the "*" key (either on the screen or on the keyboard) to insert a "t" or you can press-and-hold the "#" key for a "p". The example to the right is what happens when you dial: 234-555-6789p12345t987

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