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Adding pauses to a phone number / Speed Dial [webOS 2.2 update]

by Adam Marks Thu, 01 Dec 2011 2:18 pm EST

This tip is only for webOS phones running webOS 2.2 and higher

In previous versions of webOS, you were able to add timed or hard pauses to your phone numbers by adding a "t" or "p" to the phone number, respectively. In webOS 2.2 on the Pre3, it appears as if this functionality still exists but has received a bit of a makeover. The "p" has been reassigned from the hard pause to a timed pause, and the "w" has been introduced to backfill for the non-vacant timed pause. Just as before, you can press-and-hold the # or * keys on the phone dialer to add the timed or hard pauses, respectively.

In addition, the method to access the extra digits with a hard pause has also changed. Where there used to be a "Dial ###" prompt under the phone number in older versions of webOS, there is now a small dropdown arrow to the right of the original number at the top of the dialer, which when tapped brings up a pop-up box on the middle of the screen. From here, you need to tap the "Dial ###" on the top of the pop-up to dial the extra numbers. Oddly, there is also a "View Contact" option on that pop-up, so be careful where you tap. In the attached screenshot, you can see the new pop-up that appears if you were to dial 800-555-1234w12345p9876 (note that the background was modified from the standard wallpaper for the Phone app)

So, if you just migrated to a Pre3 and had added the "p" or "t" to your phone numbers from earlier webOS phones, you may need to update those contacts and possible reset them as speed dials


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