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Adjust Wi-Fi Sleep Settings

by Adam Marks Tue, 04 Jan 2011 11:50 am EST

Using Wi-Fi to connect to a data network will typically provide a faster data connection and actually preserve battery life as compared to using your cellular network. By default, webOS will keep your Wi-Fi connections active even if you turn your screen off, but you can actually adjust this behavior if you want your Wi-Fi connection to drop every time your screen turns off. To accomplish this:

  1. Open the Wi-Fi app
  2. Swipe-down from the top-left corner to bring down the Wi-Fi Application drop-down menu and select "Sleep Settings"
  3. Choose your option to "Keep Wi-Fi On" or "Turn Wi-Fi Off" when you phone's screen turns off
  4. Swipe-back to go back to the main Wi-Fi app
  5. Close the Wi-Fi app
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