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Adjust your default applications

by Adam Marks Tue, 08 Nov 2011 11:03 am EST

Did you know that you could change which applications get launched on your webOS phones or TouchPad, depending on the type of file or activity you are performing? We have a prior tip on adjusting your default mapping application between Google (now Bing) Maps or your carrier's Navigation software, but this can also be adjusted for other types as well. Unfortunately, while the functionality seems to exist to support different Phone, Messaging or Email applications, no apps were ever released to take advantage of this. However, there is also a long listing by file type that you can scroll through that, which some types that are able to be updated.

For the most part, there are very few official App Catalog apps that can take advantage of this functionality. However, there are some homebrew apps (e.g. Internalz Pro and Preware) and patches that are able to add the necessary hooks to change the default apps. For example, Internalz Pro can be selected to be the default handler for text files instead of Quick Office (which can then also be edited on webOS phones), or you can decide between Internalz Pro or Preware to manage .IPK files installations

To access and adjust your Default Applications on either your webOS Phones or the TouchPad:

  • Open up the "Device Info" app on the device
  • Swipe down from the top-left corner of the screen to bring up the Application dropdown menu and select "Default Applications"
    • Note that on webOS phones, you can also swipe-down from the top-left directly within the App Launcher, as that Application dropdown menu also has a Default Applications selection.
  • Scroll down to find the Default Application or File Type to update and tap on it. A new screen up will appear with your default application options. (If it's grayed-out, then you can't change it. Sorry.)
  • Tap on your preferred application to select it. A check-mark will appear
  • Swipe-back on phones or tap the "Back" button on the TouchPad to return to Default Applications listing
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