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AdMob reveals open source ads SDK for webOS

by Derek Kessler Thu, 03 Dec 2009 7:21 pm EST

AdMob ads in webOS apps

A heavyweight in the mobile advertising arena has thrown their resources behind webOS: AdMob. The firm, which was recently acquired by Google, has targeted mobile advertising for several years, particularly on websites designed for mobile phones and on smartphone OS apps. AdMob has enjoyed tremendous success with their iPhone ads SDK program and likewise with their Android ads push.

Today, AdMob announced their new open source ads SDK for webOS. The SDK supports both CPC text ads and CPM banner ads and is published under the MIT license (i.e. open source and free use). AdMob worked with several webOS developers, including Twee-maker Delicious Morsel and game-builder Byte Sequencing. With AdMob’s ads SDK now freely available, we wouldn’t be surprised to see more ad-supported free webOS apps in the future.