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Adobe Flash for webOS goes bump in the night - twice (Updated x2 with Palm Statement)

by Dieter Bohn Tue, 10 Aug 2010 11:34 pm EDT

We've been waiting patiently (or perhaps not so patiently) for Flash to become available on webOS. That day may be coming sooner rather than later. Visiting from a webOS device now pops up a strangely random app in Palm's Web App Feed called "Conversion."

It could be that the imminent release of webOS 1.4.5 will bring along with it a special surprise: Flash. Or it could just be a bug like the App Catalog down time earlier today.

Via RoscoePColtrane in the PreCentral Forums, Thanks for the tip, Alex!



Update: during the PalmCast tonight, we reported that PC reader Garrison discovered an app in Palm's beta feed called "FlashPlayer Beta." Investigating the app, we discovered that is was indeed a '' app, which is to say it most likely came from Palm. We also discovered that it would only work with webOS 1.3.5, not 1.4 or the upcoming 1.4.5. So far as we can tell, it doesn't download, install or work at all. In our PalmCast chat, Rod Whitby came up with what we think is the most likely explanation:

I'm leaning towards the "FlashPlayer" app being an ancient internal Palm test version which has not been published and someone just found the URL by trial and error. If it's for 1.3.5 and not Albacore then it would not work on 1.4.x anyway

 In other words - it's a sign, a good sign, but not Flash for webOS just yet. We can't say for sure whether these strange happenings in the night really do portent the imminent release of Flash for webOS - but it's definitely on our minds now.

Thanks Garrison!

Update 2: Crazy night, what with these Flash shenanigans combined with the rough launch of 1.4.5 on Sprint. At least one of them has a clear explanation, though, as Chuq Von Rospach of Palm has let us know what the story is with the FlashPlayer App:

The flash that was found in the beta feed was in fact an earlier beta that evidently wasn't pulled and happened to get found. It's not functional on 1.4.x and won't work, and we've pushed an update to the system to pull it from the feeds.