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Advanced Browser app brings Tabs, Search and more to the TouchPad

by Tim Stiffler-Dean Sat, 16 Jul 2011 6:52 am EDT

TouchPad owners everywhere should rejoice over this latest creation by MakleSoft, the guys who brought us SecuStore 2 and Plancastic, that will be due out sometime next week. Advanced Browser (which we were given an exclusive preview of from the developers) brings enhancements to the TouchPad web browsing experience that are sure to tickle the fancy of more than a few tablet owners. With tabbed browsing, the ability to search for words on the page, send the current website to printer, visual bookmarks for the home page, integration with Instapaper and automatically filling fields on a page, this new app is going to be a favorite once it's finally released.

In our first look at the app, which we were reminded is still not feature-complete and will receive updates in the future, we really loved the interface and advanced features. Tabbed browsing isn't completely finished yet, due to a bug that is keeping pages from loading properly, but for us it was a welcome replacement to the lack of advanced gestures in webOS 3.0 that allow switching between browser cards quickly on webOS smartphones. And with how often we need to find a specific comment or post in our forums, it's nice to have the search button readily available at all times in the top right corner. Just type the word or phrase you want to find, and Advanced Browser directs your attention to it by moving the page to the right spot and highlighting relevant text.

The app is built off of the same rendering engine as the existing Web browser that comes by default with your device, meaning it has the same full web browsing experience that we know and love on our TouchPad. Plus, it looks pretty darn good, with a larger "Back" button for easier finger-tapping and a row of buttons to the right of the URL bar that make a number of features very easy to get to. 

MakleSoft wanted to sweeten the deal for people interested in getting Advanced Browser early on, too. For users who bought their other app, SecuStore 2 for the TouchPad, you will not only be able to use both apps to auto-fill long forms from websites, but you can also get the new browser for free through an App Catalog Promo Code once it's released. Simply leave a review in the App Catalog of SecuStore 2 to prove your purchase and email to claim your code, and they'll take care of the rest.

You can see more screenshots of the app and a few other cool features by clicking through the break below, and then keep your eyes open here in the future for a full review and announcement from the developers once the app has been officially released to the catalog.