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Advanced charting, dashboard stock ticker, and more rolled into MoreStocks 2.0

by Derek Kessler Wed, 17 Feb 2010 11:56 pm EST

MoreStocks Moving Average Chart

The paid App Catalog may have only been in existence for a few months now, but that doesn’t mean that paid apps can’t already be receiving major refreshes. Case in point: MoreStocks from More Solutions, which just hit its 2.0 release which brings a number of advanced features to the stock market app.

With MoreStocks 2.0 you can now set a schedule during which time the app will auto-update, so you’ll have no more fetching of market data during hours when the market is closed. Obviously, this is a major boon for your battery, especially if you’re looking to spend a night out on the town after a day in the office. That’s minor pudding compared to the two other big updates to MoreStocks.

MoreStocks, dashboard stock ticker Advanced charting is now an option, giving you the ability to not only compare the performance of multiple stocks, but also to check a stock’s action against benchmarks and the favorite of technical analysts: moving averages. MoreStocks 2.0 also comes with a new notifications system that acts as a stock ticker. Sitting in your notifications area will be a MoreStocks icon - expanding it gives you a dashboard stock ticker (see right) where you can cycle through your stocks with relative ease, all without leaving your current app. Let’s see an iPhone do that!

MoreStocks, v2.0, is available now in the App Catalog. It is a free update for current MoreStocks owners, or can be purchased for $3.99.