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by rboatright Sat, 22 May 2010 9:58 am EDT
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Advanced Chess is a chess app by Mathias Eck. It is currently using the Stockfish or Glaurung chess engines, and has a compressed opening book. This is in no way related to the other javascript "Pre Chess" app. It's a real binary chess engine with a javascript user interface. Source code can be found on the webos-internals git site.

If you want to download the 10 meg opening book, you can do so from the prefs page.


  • 0.0.5 First PDK-Version
    • FEN-Generation
    • Plugin Integration
    • Polyglot/Engine communication via shared memory
    • Heartbeat monitoring between Polyglot/Engine
    • Preference Screen
    • Invert Board
  • 0.0.6
    • pawn double move fixed
    • 'New Game'
  • 0.0.7
    • en passent fixed
    • Save actual game to database and reload at start
    • Download Opening Book from git
    • 'New Game'
  • 0.1.2
    • PDK install no longer required
    • Operates with WebOS 1.4.5
    • 'Help'/'About' Dialog
    • Check engine running
    • Heartbeat monitoring removed
    • New game gesture
    • Force move gesture
    • Better cpu usage, saving power

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