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by DougReeder Sun, 26 Oct 2014 8:12 am EDT
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Agent Z is not a normal application. Set the preferences and close the app. Nothing will happen... unless and until you're on a Wi-Fi network where a server is advertising itself. Agent Z will notify you. That's all it does.

What good is this?

If it's a web server, URL bookmark or WebDAV server, tap the globe button to view the web page. Otherwise, you'll need a laptop or a TouchPad.

  • If it's a printer and it speaks a common protocol with your laptop or TouchPad, you can print.
  • If it's a file server, you probably need to ask the administrator to set up an account for you.
  • If it's something else, you'll need an appropriate application installed on your laptop.

What's cool about this?

Agent Z normally uses no resources. Nada. It's not even running in the background. When you connect to a Wi-Fi network, webOS will run Agent Z in the background, where it browses for advertised servers. If it doesn't find any, you won't see a thing. Agent Z stays out of your way until it has information for you.

What kinds of servers advertise themselves?

Beyond that, usually some administrator has to care enough to set the advertisement up.

What kind of “advertisements” are these?

They use DNS Service Discovery (DNS-SD), a part of the Zero Configuration Networking standard (ZeroConf). The most common implementation is Bonjour from Apple. No other service discovery protocol is supported (or is likely to be).

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