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All Stars Darts 1

by webos catalog Sun, 13 Feb 2011 7:54 pm EST
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If you're looking for a darts game - this is the one!

Simple to play but hard to master. Hit the 180 and become an All Star!

Darts is a great game that anyone can play but not everyone has what it takes to become their neighbourhood champion!

All Stars Darts is set in an American sports bar. You'll feel right at home whether you want to play for fun or show your friends who's the daddy.

Featuring intuitive touch controls for authentic darts game-play, a wide variety of scoring variations, single and multi-player play, four tough opponents, high quality visuals and immersive audio. All Stars Darts lets you take bar darts with you, anytime, anyplace!


Flick to throw - just like the real game!
Picture in picture aiming
Variety of different scoring options
Play against a friend or the computer
Realistic graphics
Pub sound effects

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