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Amazon Whispersync app for the Pre? - Part Two

by Jennifer Chappell Fri, 06 Mar 2009 10:36 am EST

We recently talked about the new Kindle 2 from Amazon and the fact that the Kindle 2 uses Whispersync technology. Whispersync automatically syncs Kindle 2 and the original Kindle, and will also sync with a range of mobile devices in the future.  We had no idea at the time what mobile devices would sync with the Kindle and its Whispersync.

Well, looks like the future has now started because today our pal Rene over at our sister site The iPhone Blog let us know that Amazon's Kindle App for iPhone and iPod touch is now live in the App Store:

"The Amazon Kindle for iPhone app is FREE (iTunes Link), but it looks like books need to be purchased from Amazon directly via PC or Mac and transferred over, or from the iPhone via Mobile Safari. Most e-books should run $9.99. Like with the Kindle device itself, you can sample first chapters for free, adjust text size and bookmark. You can’t annotate but you can view Kindle annotations."

In the app description, it says that Kindle for iPhone also includes Whispersync, allowing you to seamlessly switch back and forth between your Kindle device and Kindle for iPhone while keeping your bookmarks and reading location synchronized between devices. So you can easily pick up reading exactly where you left off on your Kindle or iPhone.

I bought a Kindle 2 last week and wrote up my initial thoughts on the device. I'm really enjoying it so far. I'm really hoping that the Palm will release a Kindle app for Palm smartphones and especially for the upcoming Palm Pre!


For now though, I've downloaded the Kindle app on my iPhone. Yep, the app is Free and it downloaded very easily and quickly on my iPhone. As soon as I downloaded the app, it synced my two eBooks that I'd bought for my Kindle 2 onto the iPhone.

I was just starting Chapter 11 in my eBook "Terminal Freeze" on the Kindle, but when the iPhone version of the book opened, it was on a different page. I noticed that I had the wireless on my Kindle 2 turned off, so I turned it on. As soon as I did that and rebooted my iPhone, a message popped up asking if I wanted to sync to the furthest page read, and of course I clicked "Yes". And sure enough, the page went to the beginning of Chapter 11. So it looks like the Whispersync works pretty good.

Another nice thing about Amazon Kindle for iPhone is that you don't have to own a Kindle in order to download the book samples, which are the first two chapters of an eBook. I went to the Kindle Store via Safari on my iPhone and chose the book "Twilight" and when I clicked on the Sample, I got the choice of downloading it to my iPhone 3G or my Kindle. I chose my iPhone and the sample synced to my iPhone. Now I can read the first couple of chapters to see if I like the book. If I do, I'll buy it and can then read the book on both devices thanks to Whispersync.

Amazon Kindle for iPhone looks great so far. I really look forward to seeing the app released for our Palm smartphones.  I'm glad to see the first device today, the Apple iPhone, being added as a Whispersync compatible smartphone.  That gives me hope that we'll see the Kindle app soon on other devices.  I would download the app on my Centro or Treo Pro in a heartbeat. And I'd sure love to see it available on the Pre when it's released.  The Pre is going to have that Amazon music store on board, so why not have the Amazon Kindle app also?  Heck, right now I just want to see the Pre released, and I know that all of you do as well!!