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by webos catalog Thu, 10 Mar 2011 7:24 am EST
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TamsPalm Deutschland | Ryhor Burakou
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Amigo - Simple | Smart | Friendly
Compatible with the new HP Veer!

New in version 2.1.2:
- fixed control playback using the keyboard

Amigo is a replacement for Palm Pre 'Music' application.

Key features:
- The fastest music player for webOS*. It does not slow down the system and you can even play some 3D games, while listening
- Fantastic 'album shelve' exhibition mode
- Recents Function: view and play songs, recently added to your Phone
- Download lyrics and album covers
- Scrobble your songs to
- Create 'Custom Playlists' right on the phone
- Use the keyboard & gestures to control playback
- Full portrait/landscape orientation support

And much more to provide a great music listening experience on your Phone!

*least resource-intensive music player, compared by JStop utility, subjective point of view of the developers

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