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by bjgeiser Thu, 29 Oct 2009 1:15 am EDT
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For years we have been tied to how much storage space a mobile device has and we’ve been willing to pay ridiculous amounts for more space. This application represents a paradigm shift in how we access our personal music collections. With this application you can access your entire music and video collection no matter how large and save all your storage space for other cool things.

Ampache Mobile is a WebOS client/player for the free Ampache Media Server. It is designed to operate like most other media players with one major difference. Everything is streaming over the network.

Ampache Mobile is now available from the Palm Web Distribution Catalog

Some other cool features include:

  • Smart Buffering: Ampache Mobile will attempt buffer tracks ahead of what you are playing to provide a seamless music experience.
  • Videos: Stream your videos to your phone.
  • Transcoding: With transcoding you can play audio formats not currently supported in WebOS such as ogg and flac. Also you can down sample high bitrate files and save precious bandwidth.
  • Scrobbling: Scrobble your playbacks through your Ampache Server.
  • Cover Art: If your Ampache Server has cover art this app will use it.
  • Share Servers: Ampache Mobile supports multiple servers. Trade with friends and have access to their entire music collection as well.
  • Security: Ampache has strict security rules to stop people you don’t want accessing your collection from doing so.
  • Ampache: Ampache is designed to give you a one stop website for your music collection. Once you get Ampache working not only can you access your collection from your phone you can access it anywhere with a standard web browser.

If you would like to support the Ampache Mobile project please donate. Ampache Mobile will always be free, but as the project grows some monetary support would be nice. Donations will be used to support development of Ampache Mobile.

WARNING: This app requires an Ampache Server to connect to. That means you will be responsible for installing and configuring your very own web server. Setting up Ampache is not a hard task but it's also not trivial. If you are a beginner be sure to read up and look to the forums for help and be prepared to spend some time.

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