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Analyst Predicts 2.5 Million webOS Phones in 1st year

by Annie Latham Thu, 21 Jan 2010 3:24 pm EST

On Wednesday, Peter Kafka of All Things Digital, MediaMemo posted an interesting piece talking about the numbers for Google Nexus One. He referred to guesstimates from Citigroup research analyst, Mark Mahaney on exactly how many new phones the search giant will sell and what that means for its earnings.

"Mahaney thinks Google might ship one million to three million phones in the first year, which could generate up to $1.6 billion in additional revenue, and perhaps another 55 cents in earnings per share. That’s about half the estimate from Douglas Anmuth of Barclays (BCS) earlier this month. Mahaney cites both Flurry’s modest first-week sales estimates as well as internal Citigroup (C) research, to support his numbers."

The Citi Investment Research and Analysis chart that accompanied this piece showed first year numbers for other smartphones (the various iPhones, Droid, Palm Pre & Palm Pixi).

The eye-opener was the 2.492 million number for the Palm Pre & Palm Pixi combined. Our own Dieter Bohn remarked, "Given that we haven't heard that Palm has sold a million yet, it paints a fairly rosy picture of how it will do on Verizon."

Indeed. All eyes are on what the move to Verizon and what impact it will have on Palm's bottom line. We don't know whether or not we believe these numbers, but we are expecting a pretty hefty bump from Verizon - are you?

Thanks Sid for the tip!