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Android fastest growing application store? Not so fast...

by Derek Kessler Thu, 25 Feb 2010 1:04 pm EST

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That’s not to say that the Android Market isn’t growing quickly. It is. As our friends at Android Central pointed out (noting an insightful application store study done by Distimo), the Android Market is growing by more than 3000 apps a month, which equates to 15% of the total available apps. That’s cool, but we feel the need to clear our throats and say “Wait a minute...”

Here’s the deal: Palm’s webOS App Catalog hit 1000 apps on January 1, 2010. Since then 561 new apps have joined the catalog, a pace of 10.2 new apps per day. Or 310 new apps a month. Or 20% growth per month. Or more than 15%. If you’ll pardon the indulgence, “Ha ha.”

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Free apps vs. paid apps Regardless of who gets bragging rights, it’s good to see webOS app growth expanding - and we’re only talking about approved App Catalog apps. Distimo also looked at what apps cost in the various app stores. Palm, as it would turn out, has the second highest ratio of free apps to paid, with 32% of App Catalog apps available for nothing, while the Android Market is a whopping 57% free. Though we should point out that the Android Market is an open store where apps don’t have to go through any sort of approval process like Palm’s or Apple’s. Read Write Web points to anecdotal evidence that developers may be dissatisfied with the Google Checkout process used in the Android Market, which stands in opposition to the much simpler one-click processes used by the App Store and App Catalog.

App store average price comparison What’s also cool is the average price, with the App Catalog surprisingly landing at the bottom. Distimo averaged the cost of all paid apps and found that Palm apps cost an average of $2.53, the lowest amongst competitor app fronts from Apple, Microsoft, Research in Motion, Google, and Nokia. The Windows Mobile Marketplace and BlackBerry App World both blew app prices out of the world, with an average of $6.99 for Windows Mobile and a stunning $8.26 for BlackBerry. Apps even cost wildly different amounts on opposing platforms, with an app like IM+ costing $4.99 on the iPhone App Store while the same app on BlackBerry runs $29.99. Yikes. IM+ on webOS? $9.99.

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