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Android Hands-on: Smartphone Round Robin 55

by Dieter Bohn Thu, 14 Jan 2010 2:56 pm EST

Today's special catch-up edition of the Smartphone Round Robin here at has us looking at the Android platform. I've started up a thread with a few relevant questions over at the Android forums at Android Central. If you're interested, I sure could use the help thinking about the platform and, yes, every day you post over there is another chance to win an Android phone of your choice.

PreCentral peeps: Matthew Miller of Nokia Experts is taking a look at webOS this week. If you haven't, go on over to this thread and have a chat with Matthew about your platform-of-choice. There's a Palm phone in the offing there too and by the time the contest ends, the Pre Plus and Pixi Plus will definitely be on the table!

My video hands-on with Android after the break!