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Angry Birds tweets: RovioMobile has "submitted an update to Palm"

by Jonathan I Ezor#IM Mon, 29 Nov 2010 12:20 pm EST


While the iOS and Android-using Angry Birds addicts await the promised Christmas edition of the poultry vs. porker game, we in the webOS world are beginning to feel a bit left out. We didn't get the Halloween edition, and we haven't yet seen any of the new levels either. Given that Rovio Mobile did (handily) win $110,000 in the recent PDK Hot Apps competition, we were hoping for a little more love from our Finnish friends. We know the webOS user base is smaller than those of the other OSes, but we're certainly tremendously energetic and loyal!

It does, though, appear that webOS will soon be seeing something new from Peter "Mighty Eagle" Vesterbacka and his colleagues at Rovio. After a flurry of tweets to Rovio Mobile from webOS users on November 28th, the company responded to one that it has "submitted update that brings exact same levels as for iOS, just waiting for Palm to fix issue re Pre." It gave a similar answer to other tweeters, as well as saying that it was "[n]ot sure about the seasonal stuff yet."

Whatever the "issue re Pre" that is keeping the update from the App Catalog, we hope that Palm and Rovio can work it out quickly. Meanwhile, we look forward to future releases of this and other games, and a broadened webOS platform that will encourage more developers to write for or port to our devices.

Source: Rovio Mobile on Twitter