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We’ve got two awesome bits of app news for you tonight. First, the ridiculously popular and addicting Angry Birds has received a new pack of levels. The 30 new levels, with 15 more “coming soon!” are western-themed: Ham ‘Em High. Desert mesa backgrounds, cowboy hats, and all. It’s a free update for everybody that’s already downloaded Angry Birds, and the game is still $1.99 if you haven’t (really, you haven’t?).

More importantly, one of the most amazing console games of all time has made its way to webOS. That’s right, Worms is here, courtesy of Electronic Arts. At a penny shy of three dollars you get all the ridiculous destructive cartoon worm action your heart can handle. And all of your old favorites are back, including the Holy Hand Grenade, Bananna Bomb, and most importantly, the Sheep, along with a slew of new  Not familiar with Worms? First: you’re wrong. Soak in that. Second: watch this video. Third: Download Worms for webOS. Now.