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Another Exec leaves Palm, this time for AOL

by Dieter Bohn Tue, 22 Jun 2010 11:51 am EDT

As Palm heads towards its acquisition by HP, we can expect plenty of the team to leave the company and head for other pastures. The latest is David Temkin, the VP for the Developer Platform at Palm. PaidContent reports that Temkin is leaving to head mobile for AOL, "working very closely with all of the strategy groups to drive [AOL's] Mobile platform and product experiences globally." That quote comes from an internal AOL memo from Temkin's new boss, Brad Garlinghouse.

Temkin joined Palm in October 2009; he writes that his role included "Leading the team responsible for the webOS app catalog, SDK, developer tools, and portal." Temkin was also formerly the founder and CEO of Lazlo Systems

Other employees who have recently left Palm include Matias Duarte (to Google), Mike Abbot (to Twitter), and Rich Dellinger (to Apple). We're the furthest thing from corporate takeover specialists, but as with the previous exoduses we're not thinking this is anything beyond the normal churn that happens during these kinds of events.

Source: PaidContent and LinkedIn; Thanks to Jason for the tip!