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by webos catalog Mon, 14 Feb 2011 7:23 pm EST
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MichaelRanch Software
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APetsApp takes simple objects that interest pets and lets you resize them, flick them, and bounce them around your screen.
Not all pets will love this app, but, some will literally drool over it!
- Resizable objects
- Loudness changes to match the size of the object
- Flick objects around the screen with your finger or use the tilt sensor
- Scales to fit screen resolution
- Objects squish when they hit the edge of the screen
- Also great for entertaining kids!
For those pets that love to chase balls, try the Baseball!
If your pet is driven wild by flying bugs, or scurrying mice, APetsApp has those too, with accompanying sound effects!
A silent red-dot should get the interest of those animals that love to chase laser pointers.
WARNING! Not intended for un-attended use by pets! Use at your own risk.

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