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Apotheker: webOS to be on every HP PC sold in 2012

by Derek Kessler Wed, 09 Mar 2011 9:27 am EST

HP CEO Leo Apotheker is leading a revolution of sorts inside the world’s largest tech company, and he’s starting by reversing the precedents set by his predecessor. If you’ll recall, ousted HP CEO Mark Hurd bumped up HP’s profits by cutting costs within the company and spending billions to acquiring other companies (excepting profitless Palm). Apotheker has a different plan, and it revolves around overhauling HP’s $41 billion Personal Systems Group and expanding HP’s enterprise software offerings. Apotheker came to HP from German software giant SAP, saying, “I happen to know something about software.”

When it comes to webOS, Apotheker is enthusiastic about its prospects for HP as a whole. He told BusinessWeek that HP’s plans are for every PC the ship starting next year to be able to run webOS in addition to Windows. That’s several million new webOS devices yearly, a benchmark Palm never managed to achieve. Apotheker didn’t let loose any details on how webOS will work on the PC, and we’re conflicted ourselves about how exactly it will run and/or be integrated. There’s plenty more, including discussion about HP’s slowing sales growth, enterprise software gaps, and more down at the link.

Source: BusinessWeek; Via: Engadget