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WebOS device owners outside of the US will love the bit of news that GuyFromNam has brought to our attention in the forums. Apparently HP has sneaked out some kind of an update (server side maybe?) to the App Catalog (only for the Veer right now) to allow paid app catalog access for any country based on the language that you select when creating your webOS profile. Basically, if you live outside of the US, you can now get full US Paid App Catalog access.

The change is simple: rather than basing what access you have in the app catalog on which country your device was physically activated in, that access is now determined by the language/country that you specify in the profile creation process. If you set that language for the UK, for example, you'll see Pounds (£) listed for the price. If you change that to US English, however, the dollar sign ($) appears and your access to the full paid app catalog on US servers will now be granted.

There are still some downsides to this work-around: You can only access one catalog at a time through separate profiles, and you'll still need a credit card from the country that your app catalog originates (if you've set US English, for example, you'll need a US credit card). Lastly, there are actually some apps that are not available in the US App Catalog (like Spotify), but you can easily test each app catalog to see which one has the apps you want by creating a new profile on that device.

For a long time the only solution that we had for getting access to the full catalog (no matter where you lived) was by using the WebOS Internals homebrew app Impostah. While the official change has yet to be reflected on the Pre or Pixi of old (you'll still need to use Impostah), those of us that own a Veer can now easily get access to whatever catalog we desire. It's a great thing for users, and definitely a sure sign that HP is living up to its promise of no geo-restrictions on the TouchPad.