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App Catalog hits the magic 300

by Derek Kessler Fri, 30 Oct 2009 3:11 pm EDT

App Catalog Okay, so there’s technically nothing really magical about 300, except that it is more than we had before. After a smattering of new apps last night, Palm dropped the mother load on us this afternoon and brought the tally to a nice round 300. It’s a long list of new and updated apps, so check it all out after the break. We've got 33 new apps in total - Palm, keep it up, we like it!

New apps:

  • Altimeter, $0.99, by Get your current altitude on a classy Cesna-style gauge.
  • Brush Stroke Pro, $2.99, by CTL Advance CSAT: Create images and edit photos on the go. Congrats to Homebrew Graduate CTL Advance!
  • Classic Solitaire, $1.99, by WiMesh Solutions: Pass the time with that old standby card game in landscape mode.
  • Color Puzzle, $2.49, by Hampton Catlin: Clear the board by matching colored squares.
  • Concert Finder, $1.99, by Epic North: Find nearby concerts and follow your favorite artists around the country. Congrats to Homebrew Graduate evilcanadian!
  • DOF Calculator, $1.99, by Chris Gunn: Calculate the depth of field based on your camera’s sensor size, focal length, aperture, and subject distance. Congrats to Homebrew Graduate crgunn!
  • Elite GP, $0.99, by elitespark: Get the latest Formula 1 news, standings, and schedules.
  • Events, $0.99, by Mozzapp: Get a list of nearby events (shows, parades, seminars, etc).
  • Fortune Teller, $0.99, by Get your horoscope, look into the crystal ball, throw a bone, and crack open those fortune cookies.
  • Gone Fishin’, $0.99, by Engine Equals Car: Drop a lure and grab some fishes.
  • Greeting Card Messages Pro, $0.99, by Find just the right message to send for that special event. Congrats to Homebrew Graduate kardin!
  • GroceryList, $1.99, by Java Sanity: Manage your shopping list and keep track of previous trips to the grocery.
  • Guitarist’s Reference Pro, $1.99, by Learn your scales, arpeggios, triads, chords and more. Congrats to Homebrew Graduate kardin!
  • ICEcare, $1.99, by Corsoft Corporation: Emergency preparedness app with ability to store health records.
  • Lights, $0.99, by Geeksinside: a puzzle game in which you have to light three Lights in any row, column or diagonal with only three pieces.  When a player or computer places the fourth piece, their first piece is removed [corrected].
  • Marbles, $0.99, by Empty the grid of five different colors of marbles.
  • MediaClock, $0.99, by BlueSwitch: Theme-able clock with alarms and calendar.
  • MoreStocks, $4.99, by More Solutions: Track your stock portfolio and get intraday charting, news, and quotes.
  • Mosquitones, $0.99, by Bryce Lund: Test your high frequency hearing and annoy those around you.
  • MyIP, $0.99, by AppJammers: Get the IP addresses of your Wifi, cellular data, and Bluetooth connections. Congrats to Homebrew Graduate moserjj!
  • MyQ For Netflix, $3.00, by nexapps: Manage your Netflix queue from your webOS device. Congrats to Homebrew Graduate mosdl!
  • Net2Streams Pro, $2.99, by Net2Streams: Streaming SHOUcast Radio, Icecast, and local radio.
  • P2Wardrobe, $0.99, by P2Labs: Conversion tables for mens, womens, infant, boys, and girls sizes in shoes, hats, pants shirts, and more. Store your shopping list and reminders. Congrats to Homebrew Graduate P2Labs!
  • Pegged, $0.99, by TBC Software: The classice peg board solitaire game with custom layouts and beautiful graphics.
  • Pegger Meister, $0.99, by Avner Arbel: Can you clear the board of pegs?
  • Quick Dialer, $1.99, by Yellowfin Solutions: Quick and easy picture speed dial and messaging. Congrats to Homebrew Graduate drimo!
  • QuickQueue, $1.99, by AppsByDel: Manage your Netflix queue from your webOS device. Congrats to Homebrew Graduate dellydel!
  • Scientific RPN Calculator, $9.99, by i-marco: Advanced scientific calculator with numeric, trigonometric, and statistical functions. Congrats to Homebrew Graduate TheMarco!
  • Scoop, $0.99, by Pivotal Labs: Google Reader-integrated RSS reader.
  • SlidePuzzle, $1.99, by Leonard Lee: Unscramble shuffled images, including those from your own camera.
  • Solitaire, $0.99, by BlueSwitch: Tap-and-play classics solitaire.
  • Spit!, $1.99, by WiMesh Solutions: Play the classic fast-paced card game.
  • WordFreak, $0.99, by Mozzapp: See if you can match the five letter word.
  • Zombie Invasion, $0.99, by Conniption Entertainment: Just in time for Halloween, a zombie-world shooter game.

Updated apps:

  • English Dictionary and Thesaurus, $9.99
  • French - English Dictionary, $19.95
  • French - English Medical Dictionary, $49.99
  • French - German Dictionary, $19.99
  • French - Italian Dictionary, $19.99
  • French - Spanish Dictionary, $19.99
  • French Dictionary and Thesaurus, $19.99
  • German - English Dictionary, $19.99
  • Italian - English Dictionary, $19.99
  • Latin - English Dictionary, $14.99
  • Portuguese - English Dictionary, $19.99
  • Portuguese - Spanish Dictionary, $19.99
  • Spanish - English Dictionary, $19.99
  • Spanish - German Dictionary, $19.99
  • Yelp, Free

*The dictionary apps were updated with information describing that they do in fact require a data connection to work.